Born in the beautiful small city Ohrid, Macedonia, Ognen moved to the United States at the age of thirteen. From a very young age he was exposed to huge differences in cultures, languages, people and places. This had an enormous impact on his development as a young individual. The nostalgia kept on pushing him to be involved with mediums that would keep reconnecting to his home. He was in a constant search of a field where it would allow him to create and express his feelings, thoughts and views. This was an undiscovered passion of his.

As time passed by, he started becoming involved with writing lyrics, creating music and recording songs. This was an ideal element where he found peace. A happy medium where he could express his inner feelings from his daily vibrant lifestyle. After graduating high school, he went to college in New Jersey, where he started getting involved with design. This was a parallel that evolved straight from creating music, which was also his first love. While creating music, he was also pursuing a degree in graphic design and photography.
In his early twenties he had officially released a music album with twelve studio recorded songs and completed his BFA degree in graphic design and photography. As he got more involved with design and its limitless capabilities of expression and creativity, music became just a hobby. Design took over, it became a lifestyle, a profession, a different love that eventually became a powerful tool. It became a field where the mind has an unlimited power to create and explore. He strongly believes that design makes the world a better place. There are no rules, you are the ultimate creator, and there is no better feeling or satisfaction.

Ognen Trpeski has earned multiple design recognitions and awards worldwide. He has helped numerous companies excel their brand identity on the world stage. His focus is high end, clean, sophisticated, modern design. Less is always more and air is good. Ognen is on a mission to change the world, and help people achieve their ultimate goals and dreams. Creating beautiful brands and experiences, one at a time. Thank You.  Download Resume


“Design For Miley Cyrus”  November 2012
Red Light Management, Talent House, Miley Cyrus
Hoodie Design Contest
International Selected People’s Choice Award

“Knock Out Hunger”  December 2012
Shoprite, General Mills, Cheerios, Chris Gardner
T-Shirt Design Contest

First Place Award

“Trase Shoe for DC Shoes”  September 2014
DC Shoes Corporate, Talenthouse
Design the Trase Shoe for DC Shoes

International Selected People’s Choice Award


Smashing Magazine

Miley Cyrus


DC Shoes

William Paterson University

Korto Momolu

General Mills

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