Moxy Hotel New Orleans

The new Moxy Hotel New Orleans invites visual artists from around the world to create contemporary work that will become the cornerstone of the art collection at the hotel.One Selected Artist will be chosen as the ‘Artist-in-Residence’ and travel to Moxy New Orleans (travel & accommodation provided) for the official launch event on May 6, 2016 attended by local and international media, art industry and society members (please note that the original date for the grand opening event on April 22 has been moved).

What we’re looking for:
  • Any type of contemporary artistic work inspired by the city of New Orleans: illustration, photography, installation, sculpture, hand-drawing, short-film, street art, graffiti etc.
  • Work that captures the “style and soul” of this historic American city; music, culture, architecture, food, etc.
  • Contemporary/modern artwork that captures the unexpected, spirited and fun attitude of Moxy Hotels
  • Artists can draw additional visual inspiration from this mood board

Selected works will be displayed throughout the Moxy Hotel New Orleans and be featured as part of the official launch event.

about moxy hotels

Forget what you know about budget hotels. At the Moxy, we’ve ripped all that up and started over. We kept premium comforts, convenient services, and, made it chic, modern, with a vibrant social scene. Because why shouldn’t you have it all? (Hint: You should.) We tossed out stodgy suits and forever check-in lines and created a stylish atmosphere where self-service means you can do what you want, when you want without holding you up. Because you know how you take your coffee – or your Manhattan – and you have places to be.

It’s this attitude and style that sets us apart. The Urban Dictionary says it best: “If you’ve got guts, you’ve got moxie…”

about moxy new orleans

Like the city that boldly reinvented itself, Moxy Hotels cheekily reinvents the select service hotel experience to fully embrace today’s millennial traveler and to show the world what “moxie” really means. Moxy New Orleans, located steps away from the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans, will welcome guests with its style, design and attitude.

Hotel features will include 108 smart and stylish tech-enabled rooms with keyless entry, motion sensor lighting and abundant power and USB outlets; 24/7 self-service eats; a quiet zone to plug in and tune out; and furiously fast and free Wi-Fi for ultimate connectivity. Moxy New Orleans mixes bold design and affordable style that is centered on communal engagement with a buzzy atmosphere. The design aesthetic will embody the ethos of the brand and the personality of the local area.







The Most unique city in the united states, great culture, amazing musical atmosphere, birthplace of jazz, delicious cuisine and endless festivals. These graphical series are all vector based which means can be accommodated to fit any surface size. They are musically inspired both in design and color. The depiction of the city is vibrant yet smooth, sharp yet organic. It is a coherent combination of lots different elements that New Orleans is all about. The design style is also a combination of the Moxy hotels chic interior designs.

Thanks for viewing.

by ognen trpeski


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